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Abraj Al Bait, King Abdul Aziz Endowment for the Two Holy Mosques:

Abraj Al Bait towers directly overlook the King Abdul Aziz gate and the Haram yard. It is one of the most prominent architectural landmarks in the surrounding area of the Haram, and it is recognized as the building with the largest floor area in the world.

The importance of the Abraj Al Bait building complex lies beyond its distinctive structural qualities, as it also represents a pioneering achievement that combines the project’s excellent location, flexibility of the design, integration of world-class services and the beauty of entire project.

The project was designed with a comprehensive and creative vision in mind and through a creative, systematic and integrated scientific process. It combines functionality and beauty to become a distinctive architectural monument that offers promising investment opportunities and meets the needs and requirements of pilgrims and Umrah performers at the Holy Mosque with its premier residential, commercial and hotel services. With Abraj Al Bait’s strategic location visitors to the Kaaba enjoy easy access to the Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), through a network of tunnel that includes the kadi and Al-Baraka tunnels and the first ring road.

Abraj Al Bait project represents an architectural masterpiece built to provide
the best services and facilities for pilgrims and visitors who come to Mecca from around the world. Each tower is named after Islamic symbols, like Marwah Tower, Safa Tower, Hajar Tower, ZamZam Tower, Sarah Tower, Maqam Tower and the Clock Tower.

Abraj Al Bait is considered the ultimate destination for visitors of the Holy Mosque, particularly pilgrims and Umrah performers, whether they are families, groups or individuals. It features royal suites and small and large luxury apartments and studios that provide spectacular views of the Haram and offer a calm and peaceful environment that is perfect for meditation.

The project, along with the towers, consists of a shopping centre, four-story parking and a medical centre.

In a majestic, spiritual place that is amazingly beautiful, the Al- Masjid al-Haram and Kaaba serve as the centerpiece views of Abraj Al Bait every day throughout the year. A great number of residential units overlook the Haram Al-Sharif and Holy Kaaba, so guests can look forward to genuinely beautiful mornings and amazing nights as they watch the splendid views and thank God for the opportunity to be so close to the Holy Kaaba. Around 2 billion Muslims dream of owning a house in Mecca, so it is truly a great privilege to reside just beside the Haram.
The prestigious Abraj Al-Bait project consists of:
  • Marwah tower – 27 floors (1,080 units)
  • Safa tower – 27 floors
  • Hajer tower – 33 floors
  • ZamZam Tower 33 floors
  • Sara Tower – 45 floors
  • Al-Maqam Tower – 45 floors
  • The Clock Tower